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Home Turf Inc. has been distributing the highest quality sod at competitive prices since 1988. When it comes to choosing the best sod for your residential or commercial garden project there are several varieties to choose from. At Home Turf we work with our clients to help them select the best lawn for their individual yard. 

Home Turf RTF Royal 

Advanced Generation Tall Fescue


The H.T. RTF Royal, is the latest innovation in the green industry.  This scientifically advanced grass has the strong root structure which enables it to fill in areas with new shoots of grass.   This sod has enhanced sun & shade tolerance.  The H.T.  RTF Royal is a water saver grass, using  up to 25% less irrigation.

Because of its special formulation this grass gives you the combined advantages of Midnite Bluegrass’s  appearance & the Twilite Fescue’s  durability while  creating a beautiful low maintenance lawn.


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H.T. Eco-No-Mow

Premium Blend Genus-Festuca


The HT Eco-No-Mow is an ecologically friendly sod that combines its unique dense meadow-like appearance with half the maintenance of a regular lawn. It does well in full sun and partial shade. 

The HT Eco-No-Mow saves time, money and the environment. Once established the HT Eco-No-Mow can be cut as little as 4 times a year! 


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Midnite Blue

Premium Kentucky Bluegrass


The Home Turf Midnight Blue is a superior bluegrass. Its texture is extremely soft and the color is glossy lush green. The unique sandy-loam base enables it to be lightweight and drought tolerant. 

The Home Turf Midnight Blue is a winning combination of beauty and durability that is the hallmark of a showcase lawn. 

Home Turf Twilite

Premium Dwarf Fescue 


The Home Turf Twilite has a supple appeal. The lush mid-textured fescue with its vertical growth pattern, superior heat tolerance, and excellent color retention make it the discriminating homeowners sod choice for all seasons. 

All of these fine qualities make this product exceptional for residential and commercial use. 


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All of the sod is grown with the finest cultivars of seeds on high quality topsoil, the fields are monitored by the industries top horticulture specialists.  The sod is harvested under optimum  conditions and inspected to ensure fresh cut, healthy and weed free upon delivery.  Sod is perishable and it must be installed immediately upon delivery. Follow instructions sheet regarding  installation, watering, and maintenance.