Home Turf Inc. professionals have a passion for plants & planting.  What sets us apart is the is our knowledge and enthusiasm in each plant selection and design.   Our success depends on choosing a plant that matches the environmental  needs of each landscape.  We are dedicated to enhancing the beauty and value of each clients property by offering  a high quality plant selection and design services.


Perennials provide color and low maintenance for a landscape.  They are great way to get the color you desire and are relatively easy to maintain.  They also last longer than annuals and biennials and often grow year round in warm climates.

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Annuals offer a gardner a vast palette. Because they only bloom once a year, so they are widely used for instant pop of color in borders and pots  window boxes.  some require heat and sun while others prosper in moist soil and shade.  Annuals also make superb border plants.

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Shrubs come in a variety of shapes , sizes, blooming times and flower colors.  They often need little pruning to maintain the desired shape and size but they offer many benefits in return- privacy when added along the edge of a property, blocking unpleasant  view and adding a uniform feel to  a landscape.

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Shade Trees

Shade tress are the mainstay in most landscapes. These trees can cool temperatures in the surrounding landscape cool of homes and buildings during the heat of the summer.  They are wonderful near a patio, terrace or deck or pool or anywhere to provide instant relief from the sun.

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