Measuring and Ordering:
At Home Turf Inc.   the sod is sold by total square footage, with each roll measuring  18 inches wide by 72 inches long (totaling 9 square feet per roll) .  your width multiplied by your length determines your square footage.  When purchasing your sod  we recommend ordering 5 to 10 % extra to allow for trimming, and waste.  Contact us at  or Call (916) 691-4433 for further information.

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Soil Preparation:
To Prepare the ground for soil, we recommend grading for sod to slope away from foundation to prevent drainage problems, then rake and smooth soil, removing rocks  weeds and debris.  Distribute  HT Progro  topsoil blend  evenly on soil and rake in. Water roll topsoil, you should leave a final grade of 1” through out entire prepared soil area use your side walk, patio, walkway or driveway as a guideline.  Call Home Turf Inc. to place your order for the H. T. ProGrow Topsoil 
(916) 691-4433.

Sod Installation:
Apply your starter fertilizer by push spreader or whirler bird spreader walk across
the lawn in horizontal lines distributing the fertilizer evenly.  Begin installing turf in along the longest straight line, such as a drive way or side walk.  Butt up edges against each other tightly.  Without stretching and be sure to avoid gaps and overlapping. For larger orders  soak lawn with a water wand ever 20 rolls so that your first portion of sod is not dried out by your last installed roll. 

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Watering Sod Lawn:
Water your sod immediately after you have completed installation.  Apply approximately 1 inch of water to your new sod so that the soil underneath is wet.  Make sure that you have full coverage with your irrigation system.  To check gently pull back a roll of sod to be sure the soil is getting proper moisture.

It is important to keep the underlying soil moist for the first 2 weeks or until your sod is completely rooted. 
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Sod depicted in brochures are at full maturity with optimum maintenance programs implemented: extreme weather can adversely effect growth pattern, appearance & health of products.